• Complementary Therapy
    Complementary Therapy

The Emmett technique is:

  • A safe and simple muscle release therapy developed by Remedial Therapist Ross Emmett
  • Useful to address pain and discomfort and improve movement restrictions
  • A method that uses light finger pressure at specific locations to initiate the gentle release of tension in many problem areas such as neck, shoulder and back
  • A technique where results are usually immediate
  • Non-invasive and involves no drugs, massage oils, manipulations or high velocity thrusts


I practice the Emmett technique as a stand alone therapy or as a blend with another treatment. Recent successes with Emmett have been:

1.Releasing  someones TMJ (temporal mandibular joint), which was causing her problems  with eating, as well as causing discomfort.

2.Helping an elderly  man to regain his “squat ” posture.

3. Giving muscle release to patients with MND and Parkinsons, which has given them temporary release to free up arm movements and reduce tremors.

4. Reducing pain for a lady waiting for a hip replacement.

5. Giving full  motion back to a knee joint which was causing pain and had bcome unreliable.

I find Emmett a wonderful technique  that often has an immediate response and reduces pain.  The treatments can be quite short and non invasive.